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Supporting charities where we live!

America's Best Local Charities makes your community a better place to live. Our member charities educate children, feed and shelter the homeless, strengthen families, rescue unwanted animals and much more.

America's Best Local Charities is a federation of more than 700 local nonprofit charitable organizations that are helping children, the poor, the ill and disabled, the elderly and many others in need in communities like yours.

ABLC recognized the need to classify organizations by cause to assist donors in finding a charity that fits their need, and thus help its member charities participate more efficiently in work-place giving campaigns. This need prompted the founding of three new federations. You will find a list of our local federations on the left.

We invite you to visit their web site for more information.

Each of the charities you see on this site has earned an Independent Charities of America Seal of Excellence for quality administration and program activity.